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Event images
Event images

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!!! Visionivity will be covering "¡Semana Santa 2013!" !!!

¡Semana Santa 2013! Marbella, Andalucia (Holy Week 2013! Marbella, Andalusia)
Friday 22nd MARCH - SUNDAY 31st MARCH
The Visionivity Team will be filming, photographing and gnerally documenting this event. more
 information coming soom
Semana Santa is Holy Week and Marbella’s celebrations are some of the most famous in the world.
Whether you are religious or not there’s something to enjoy and I guarantee you won't see anything like it anywhere else.

more info:>>>  <<<:more info

about visionivityabout visionivityContact us to find out more details regarding our coverage of "¡Semana Santa!"

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